I doubt anyone will see this as it’s been a few years since everything has happened and I’m sure we’ve all found better platforms to suit our interests. I just wanted to make this for anyone who does see this, who does find this wiki again, or thinks about this when you can’t sleep like I do. Perhaps I should have made this sooner when some people were still around.

Despite everything people have put me through, I never tried to hate anyone for these things. I don’t remember much of my mentality back then, maybe because I don’t want to, so maybe I did hate one of you. I’m sure my actions spoke louder than words. I’m sure I strongly disliked, but to feel true hatred towards a person for this, I don’t know.

I’ve found love in my life, all kinds of it. I have a supportive family and a group of friends who look out for each other. I have a hedgehog, gecko, and two cats that I love so much and would give everything for. I’ve also lost some people, some as friends and some through passing on. I have problems, but I will always have those. Life isn’t easy, but you can learn to ride the waves and go with the flow.

I just figured starting with some about myself would help ease into the real reason I wrote this. I want closure. I want to forgive.

I can never forget what happened. Many things cut deep and raised such a fear I never thought possible. Though I can forgive, because I believe it’s never too late to change.

And I know I wasn’t the victim in all scenarios. I know I did things that weren’t right to my friends and for that I am sorry. I tried to always have good intentions, but some I feel were due to clouded eyes and wanting to “get back” at people. I will not talk about how I’ve changed, because I know I’ve grown, but I also lost my way.

We were kids. We were all trying to find our way. I like to think a lot of you have since transformed into something beautiful. I like to think that you have learnt from your mistakes and you don’t find thrill in hurting anymore. And I’m aware that some of you are still the way you have been, and continued to hurt and bully my friends in different ways.

But I can forgive for the past. I can move on from that part of my life. If this has followed you through as well, whether it be from doing wrong or being wronged, I hope you can find peace. I hope you all have found happiness, love, and success.

If you would like to reach me just to catch up on what we missed and to maybe patch things; my public Instagram is voideverse. Thank you for reading this, I know this was a lot since I never know how to express myself much like others can. I don't know how to close this, but I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year!

Jasper ♡

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